Baby Update: 27 weeks

Hi dear ones,

I know, I know, I neglected you on Friday. The thing is, I had a girl weekend and just didn't get around to posting. One of the goals for this space is to be real and I really didn't want to post. So I didn't. Because, honestly I LOVE telling you stories, showing you stuff and just talking about what is going on in my head. But I promised myself I would quit as soon as it became 'work'.  Friday my husband left for a conference in TX for the weekend and I was a little overwhelmed. So I just ate cookies. 

But my goodness our baby has grown. 

Size: 15.8 inches - 2.5 lbs the size of a rutabaga [Ever wonder what I do with the weird veggies and stuff? Well last night I made this from week 25. Thanks Kimmy! ] P.S. I have no idea what to do with this thing...what even IS it? 

Cool live events: Could survive outside the womb! [Can you believe that?] I am so thankful for our medical care. Practicing breathing and working on a bigger brain and getting some fat on those bones. 

Jocelyn News: 

27 weeks. That means I have one more week left in the second trimester. [In case you need reminding, you give birth in the third trimester.] 

So how am I feeling about it all? I don't really know actually.  I wish I could be all profound and Godly but I am just taking it one step at a time right now. And I don't really feel strongly about anything. 

I noticed some 'normal' symptoms  this week. 
1. My feet looked a little swollen. [so I upped my water/coconut water intake] 
2. I gained 8 lbs in a week. [So i freaked out] but then tried to embrace it.
3. I saw my shirt move from a huge kick. [I wanted to make the world stop and look at what my kid could do!] I think it was my first proud mom moment. I could not wait to tell Rowan.
4. I got a real maternity shirt and was like, 'OH! I get it now!' 

As I said, Rowan was out of town for the weekend. My sister and best friend come over to eat, watch movies and shop. It was wonderfully refreshing!  It felt so good to laugh and just enjoy womanhood. Maybe I will post some phone pics later. 




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