Phone addiction

The other night I was too tired to go upstairs and get my phone. Normally I need it for an alarm but I was planning on sleeping in that next morning.

I woke up on my own and reached for my phone. Which was not there. Which made me freak out. Which made me reconsider my life choices. Phone addict!!! Dang it! Bad, bad, very bad.  So I got up, took a shower, had some tea, ate some toast then went to see if the world had crashed.

After I was done with breakfast I got my phone. I had not missed anything life threatening, or even life changing. Facebook, instagram and pintrest where just there doing their thing.

So I came to this conclusion: I need an old fashioned alarm clock. I pondered why I look at my phone first thing in the morning and often the last thing at night. There is not a real reason. It is a bad habit. It is so easy to pull out your phone the moment something is not happening or things get awkward or you get a tad "bored".  It's not engaging with those around you, it's not observing the world and often it is far less important then what you are doing, who you are doing it with and why you are doing it.

So I am going to get an alarm clock. And I am going to charge my phone upstairs in a place that is not near the toaster. I think I am going to come up with what needs to happen before I check my phone. Maybe it's just wake up...I don't even know!

For a while now I have not been going on Facebook or checking my email over the weekends but I think I might start staying offline completely, and only use my phone for, you know, phone calls and texts.

Are you addicted to your phone?


ps I like this one.

World's cutest alarm clock? Oh my. 



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