Notes on morning sickness

A lot of friends are suddenly throwing up with baby love. I have had a few emails and questions as to things that helped me. But I will post it here in case any of you need it one day. Well and to remind myself when I need it again [oh geez...just don't think about that right now....]

My mom was one of those get IV's people so I thought because I was not in the hospital and could keep water down I was doing awesome. But in all honestly: It was hell.

I was over seas for most of it too. We found out about the baby 3 weeks before heading to New Zealand and Fiji on a multi media team, and I was in leadership. I took myself off all projects and then the staff decided that I should still go, just to be there. I am glad I did it. But would not do it again. 

A personalized barf bag with love from the students...barf humor is always good in those times of life I say. 

Rowan took me to a resort the last few days in Fiji. This is how I spent most of it. I was not too much fun those months. 

Side bar here: I know there are a ton of theories about why women get morning sickness. Most of the advice I received from medical professionals was, "eat protein before you go to sleep" You get sick when your blood sugar drops. I tried and it didn't work. I just threw up at night.  I did not think it was a blood sugar problem. So I looked into other options and reasons I would be so sick.

Traveling over seas brought some interesting light on 'my case' of morning sickness. At home I was my sickest in the morning. It never got that much better but I would have longer breaks between throwing up in the afternoon. After a many hour time zone change I would do most of my throwing up in the late afternoon. Not after sleeping, thus it was not blood sugar related.  I began to suspect that it was more a liver issue then blood sugar. I focused on liver supporters as much as I could. It was effective [within reason]. I do think that every case is I guess good luck. 

I got really good at falling asleep on the floors. This is an airport... 

Even if one of these things helps you a little it's worth the post.  And yeah, some of these are super weird, but I was desperate and would try pretty much anything natural. 

Acupuncture. It was the only thing that offered true relief. Once I started treatments I was able to keep food and liquids down long enough to get some nutrition. I went once a week, even in New Zealand. I still go when I am feeling super emo and plan to go after the baby is born to get those hormones back on track. If I could recommend only one thing, this this would be it. And no, it does not hurt...and even if it does if it makes you feel better for an hour it's worth it. 

Lavender oil {I kept this in my purse and would smell it when I needed to.} It also helped me go to sleep. I rubbed the oil on the bottom of my feet and had a pouch of dry stuff I kept on my pillow. 

Mexican coke I got the mexican because it has real sugar. I liked it flat because the bubbles made me burp and that ended in barf most of the time. I always had a coke when riding in the car or train, or plane or boat. It seemed to calm my tummy a little.

Sea bands These are suppose to help with motion sickness...Which was an accurate description of how I felt. I took them off at night and put them back on in the morning before I got out of  bed. 

Coconut water It tastes like shampoo but there are a ton of electrolytes and I always felt a tad better after having some. I could keep it down if it was ice cold.

Epsom salt foot bath. Fill a tub with hot water and a cup of epsom salt and stick your feet in, it will help detox and relax you. 

Cold, fresh lemon water, the cold made me feel better and the lemon suppressed the barfs and supported my liver. 

Radish seeds on my ears. Going back to the motion sickness again one of the acupuncturist gave these to me. Here is a chart. 

Sleep. You don't feel as much when are you sleeping. 

Good movies and TV shows. It's ok to watch when you feel this bad. 

Yogurt, I ate this mainly because it's not too bad to throw up. The milk coasts your throat and protects you from that nasty acid. If I knew I was close to barfing I would eat a little.

Smile. Just because you are sick does not mean the world revolves around you. Smiling is hard but keeps your heart in the right place. Be nice. 

What have you done to help the morning sickness? I would love to know. 

Oh I am glad to be done with that part. Those photos bring back too much. 

If you are thinking of getting preggers in the next year I do recommend taking these: I did and I am pretty sure that if I had not I would have been in the hospital. But please make sure you check with your doc. 

1. Milk thistle  {Liver support} 
2. Folic Acid  {Most women don't have enough and there are some interesting studies about healthy babies and this stuff.} 
3. This prenatal, I still take it everyday. {Get your body ready to support all the extra stuff it is going to}
4. Eat loads of greens and drink good water. 



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