We received an package in the mail. The contents made me squeal. There are a few things that make my heart leap as I realizes that we are going to have a BABY! 

Teeny, tinny shoes, itty bitty can something so small be a person?

But these swaddle blankets make me swoon! I love having friends who know how to shop! I can't wait to wrap him up in these. Tight. To make him feel safe and secure. These will totally allow him to sleep though the night right? ;) 

 Hilarious card. "I'm glad you are having a baby and I am not" haha!
 Cutest, ugly pig in the world. I hope it's his favorite toy!


A friend introduced me to Pea in a Pod. Oh my. 

This made me cry. For a few reasons. 

Anything from here would be a happy valentines day to me! 

Have you ever seen my sisters blog

much affection, 


Joy said...

I adore aden and anais blankets! My niece is two, and still carries (several) of them wherever she goes.

I love that you are reading Kelle Hamptons blog...I've been reading it since right after Nella was born...and I love Kelle's perspective on life. Her writing always inspires me!

So happy that you are having a boy, and that things are going well!!! The updates are awesome :)


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