I am so excited to show you this!  I found the stroller I wanted! I have had my eye on this baby for a few years...which is kind of weird, but stay with me.  One day when walking though Oxford I slipped into a cafe, it was crowded. I noticed a cute little mum with this stroller and was impressed with how well it handled in small spaces. I watched as she walked outside and down the cobble stone streets and was sold. "That is the coolest stroller in the world!" said the 24 year old with no children. I WANT it she said to her husband of 6 months. He agreed she could have it when she had a baby to put in it. Sounded reasonable. She agreed 

After reminding my dear of that moment 2 year back he told me to look into it. So, I googled "European buggy." I found 'it' right away. Clicked. Haha, should have known it would be out of our price range. Dang. After reading the reviews and all the cool things it could do [it better for that price, right?!?] I was more convinced that it would be perfect for us. Tuesday night I found it on Craigslist! It's a few years old but I chose this one second hand rather then a new cheaper one. It will work as a travel bed, has a car seat adapter, has a sit up bigger kid option, the handle bars raise and most importantly it is very light. I can easily put it in the car. 

I am pretty stoked, now to take it to Oxford and test it in a cafe...

Tea drinking friend? Check out: The Vessel bottle.  I LOVE mine and take it everywhere. 
The perfect answer for people like me who don't like photos on the fridge. I want these
My at home workout video, getting ready for the biggest workout of my life people! 
She is awesomely inspirational 
I wish I could make these. Go knitting artists go! Here is the pattern.

have a good weekend dears,



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