Baby update: 26 weeks


Well, we have made it to 26 weeks. I can't believe it actually. I sound like I am on repeat, but everything is going so fast! The most common question I am getting is: Are you getting excited? Yes! Of course! But because I come from a family with little kids, [my youngest brother is not quite 2] I have no romantic ideas about having a newborn.  I can't wait to meet him, but I am glad we have another 3 months with him inside. He's so easy in there. I am enjoying sleeping in and watching movies and being with my husband and eating SO MUCH FOOD.

Bebe news: 

Size: 14.8inches, 2.5 lbs. A head of lettuce. 

Cool life events: Eye lashes! Practicing breathing. 

Jocelyn News: I am working on 'embracing '. For me that means slow down. Don't get frustrated when I have to make myself food every 5 min, or take a nap and don't gage by the fact that I have leaky boobs. I don't mind being preggers. It's been way better then 'everyone' makes it out to be. It is just something I never thought much about.  I never dreamed about it, I never even wondered 'what it would 'be like'.' Right now it's the same as normal except I am always hungry and sometimes the wind gets knocked out from the inside. I am reminding myself that this newness is going to happen only once. 

I have [finally] come to the conclusion that I don't look 6.5 months pregnant.  My midwife makes fun of me nearly every appointment because I wear my normal jeans with a hair tie but I refer to my 'tummy' and  say things like, 'He's so BIG!' I am suppose to 'kick count' this means to feel him 10 times a day and be worried if I don't. I can't feel him when I am standing up, but the moment I sit or lay down I sure can, he is really strong! I guess I am so tall he's got enough space when I am standing. [Another laughing point at the doc office.] Yet another reason I thank God for making me a tall woman! Or that is what they all say with envy in their eyes. 

The glasses are fake. But I like to wear them when I don't want to put on make up or wash my hair. 
I just pretend I live in Paris. 

The other day we went over to my mom and dad's and went though some newborn clothing to take 'inventory' before we set up his room. It was fun! So tiny. So real! I can't wait to see his little bum, toes and eyes!

We are going to have a BABY!

Is this for REAL babies?

Say yes to cardies!

It's so awesome to have family happy about the little guy! He's already spoiled...just the way it should be!

My dad, a very excited grandpa!

Dreaming about who he will be, and what colors will look good on him and how tall he will be with Auntie Hannah and Nanna!

My baby sister and 'Auntie Ness' 'helping the baby'

I hope you have a great Tuesday! I love you very much!

P.S. I am ready for my belly button to pop out.


kikiclawson said...

I miss your house. Or, rather, that Sandy House.


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