Baby Update: 25 weeks

It has been a very full week in our house. One of two remodel projects is DONE!  Our guest room is open for business! So drop on in and you will have a down filled bed to sleep on. When you awake you will have the choice of British tea or Portland coffee. 

First things first: 

Baby News: 

Size: Cauliflower. 15 inches 2.5 pounds 

Cool life events: Equilibrium, getting fatter and hairier...both those things mean more adorable I am sure. He is getting buff too and his feet have reached my ribcage. That can be fun...

Jocelyn News: 
Well. The scale hit a number I have never seen before. In all vanity I did cry about it. 7 pounds over my "average" weight. People keep telling me I don't look pregnant and not even close to 6 months. In all preggers honesty I FEEL huge.  So, I have requested a few more verbal complements from my husband and bought a new shirt. He bought me a new pair of shoes dear, dear man. 

In other news: 

We have had two house projects going. 
1.  Repainting and getting the guest room set up. 
2 Bathroom and a nursery in the master bedroom. 

We have been working on the guest room all week. I really wanted to have the guest space as low maintenance as possible before the baby comes. I want a quick dusting and sheet washing to be enough.

Simple systems. That is really what a well organized home comes down to I am finding. 

We painted this week and it took 5 coats. We went from brown and dark blue to white. It took a lot of work. 

My grandparents  gave us some incredible heirloom furniture. My great-grandparents bed, dresser, vanity, cedar chest, and bed spread. It is so cool to have these things in my house. You know that stuff you always see growing up and think is so awesome? Yeah, some of that is in my house! It's a cool part of growing up!

It takes a mess to make a room epic! 

My darling grandparents.

My great-grandmothers dresser.
 I love the bedspread. I am planning on accenting the room with the kelly green of the leaves. It will be so cute! 

Ready for company! 

A french bedside lamp. If it is smaller then normal. It's way better then normal, don't you think? 

So there are a few more kelly green details I am going to keep my eye out for but I really like the clean simple look. 

We are planning to make some good headway on the master room this week also. I am still hoping to have the nursery done before our trip in April. We will see...

Love you


P.S On a random note, anyone else love that the Duchess reuses her dresses? I love that about her. 

Systems. It is all about systems I am finding. 


Laurel West said...

I'm addicted to reading your weekly baby updates, Jocelyn! :) You're looking GREAT! :)


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