Baby update: 24 weeks

24 weeks. That is 6 months. That is 3 months until he is out. That is 3 months until he COMES out. Again, I thought pregnancy was suppose to go slowly. Well this one is full speed ahead.  When reading those fun little online charts and timelines they listed things like:  "Birth plans" and "Child Birth classes" and "Finding a pediatrician"  on the "todo list. I will totally let you know on the "plan" we decide on. It just all feels so overwhelming right now.  I had no idea you needed to interview doctors! 

Baby news: 
Age: 24 weeks
Size: 11.8 inches 20 oz
Cool life events: Kicks can be SEEN from the outside. It is one of the creepiest most awesome things I have experienced.  I think I watched the movie "Alien" far too young because I keep referencing it. Lungs are fully developed, skin is no longer translucent! He is getting cute! 

Jocelyn News: 
It was kind of a hard week honestly. It seems that my pregnancy emotion is anger not tears. I had to admit to my husband that I had road rage the other night. I am normally not aggressive or frustrated in general, but man, this week I was! I started taking more vit b complex and eating more and taking a few more naps. That did help.  I am feeling better now.

This week 2 people said "you actually looked pregnant!" {I was like yeah, I have for the last 3 months...but didn't say that out loud} Yet, at the same event a life long friend who didn't know had no idea until I told her. Even though I was trying to show off the bump. So I took both as compliments. 

Like my new shirt? Ah, I find such humor in things like that! The dot is right on my belly button. Which I am really looking forward to popping out! How much longer until that happens? I thought it would be out by now.

Love you my friends,


Kcfilzenphotos said...

Aww so cute!!! I love the shirt:)


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