10 things I have learned in nearly 3 years of marriage

I mean tomorrow is Feb 14th so here we go....

1. Marriage is way better then anyone ever says it is. 

2. Marriage does not change you as much as you think it will. [lesson: waiting for marriage to change you will never work]

3. Dates when you are married are hotter. 

4. Being truly known by someone is not as scary as I thought it would be. 

5. Don't stop buying new undies. 

6. Men like it when women don't wear make up. But they don't like it when you wear frumpy pjs all day. 

7. Sometimes taking time for 'yourself' is the  best thing you can do for your husband and marriage. 

8. Girlfriends are incredibly necessary. Making your husband 'girl talk' is painful for both of you. 

9.  Making dinner is a very powerful thing. 

10. Love songs still apply.

One of the first photos we took. Because we where long distance we didn't get many 'dates' so when we did it was mostly hours and hours of talking. We actually did a pretty bad job of taking photos.  

may you love well,



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