Travel | 7 tips: How to eat heathy in the airport.

Because of some heath issues I am on a relatively strict diet. Eating heathy on the road is a challenge. But it is possible and totally worth it. Here are some things I find helpful when in the airport. 

This is not in the airport...but it is in France! Love me some macaroons! 

1. Come to grips with that fact that you will spend more money. Real food always costs more. It's a good investment. 

2.Bring your own snacks so when you are really hungry you don't cave to something you will regret later. 

3. Try to come up with some key words that people will understand. I can't have any colorings, artificial sweetener, artificial anything really. So I often use the terms "vegetarian" or "vegan." This goes over better then asking a thousand questions. 

4. Key off foods like cheese, raw nuts {or roasted with only salt} real fruit juice or fruit, unsweetened yogurt, all fruit smoothies {no sweetener added is the key question} or potato chips with just oil and salt. You can often find these things at coffee stands, bakeries or kiosks. 

5. Salads are not always the right choice, often dressings are filled with nasties. I always ask for oil oil and vinegar. 

6. If you need something NOW and there are no options, grab a black coffee or tea and put milk and or real sugar in it. It will give you some time to find something you can/are willing to eat.  

7. Chose a nice restaurant, just say no to fast food. I like to go Mexican for fresh veggies, beans and rice. 

I'd love to hear more tips if you got them! 


P.S Find out if our baby is a girl or a boy MONDAY! {I can't wait to tell you!} 



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