I LOVE going to thrift stores, estate sales, flee markets and antiques stores. It is one of my favorite things to do. I get a ton of my cloths and all of our furniture second hand. 

Here are two finds from last week I wanted to show you. 

These shoes from Spain, sold at the infamous Anthropology. $7.99 {My Cool baby sis found these for me..but I was WITH her at one of our favorite Goodwills. That counts right?}

A wool hat in perfect navy. $7.50


Do you like thrifting? What is one of the best deals you have ever come across? 

Happy Monday loves,


Lauren said...

LOVE thrifting!!! :)

Silhouettes1881 said...

Thriftin is the way to go! I'm always finding cute stuff at the 3 stores we have here. I find barely used Loft clothing (one of my favorite brands)& other great stuff. My closet probably holds more than it need to because I just can't turn down the price! I even found this J. Crew dress (couldn't help but think of you when I found it!) I'm wearing in this post last year for about $2.00:

Can't get enough thrifting - btw, I love the hat you posted!


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