Dreamings of a baby boys room...

I have been letting my mind wander to the baby room the last few days. I want to get it done in March. We will be gone in April and I will be a human boat in May and I am not sure how my back will handle that.  So done with his rooms by the end of March is the goal.

As long as I have some ponder time as well as some pintrest inspirations and a few sleepless hours I can have things pretty much figured out. The trouble comes when Rowan is like, "when did we decide this?" ...oh you where sleeping that is when I decided... oooops... 

People are starting to ask what "theme" the room will be. I am not really a theme girl. I like color and simple. I don't put things on a shelf to look pretty. Because to me it looks messy. So the theme {as of today} is: yellow and grey and white 

Here is what I am dreaming of when I am trying to go back to sleep after the 3rd nightly pee run.

Yellow, grey and white...

Flying boats so all things are possible.

Wallpaper because his mum is crazy like.

This wall art so he will love American and always remember his country.

Photo wall so he will see the faces who love him...and so I can do something with all the photos his daddy takes.

Loves to you my dears! 


Hannah K. said...

LOVE the colors! Great choices... and the ideas are incredible! I approve. :)

Ethan said...

"Human boat" - I laughed hard. Thanks for humoring me. So excited for you guys!


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