Baby Update: 22 weeks

The other day in the car Rowan looked over at me and said innocently, "You are going to have a baby in 18 weeks". WAIT. WHAT? 

So I joined a gym of course. Isn't that what you would do? 

Ok baby news


Weeks old: 22

Size: A papaya. 11.5 inches 20 oz

Cool life events: He is starting to look cute. He is taking naps and has the ability to make my pee my pants. 

Jocelyn News: 
22 weeks

How are things? Starting to feel a little stressed. Like this is actually going to happen. I am trying to keep my list small but even though it is small I am still not sure I am going to get ""everything done" haha like that will ever happen. 

Babymoon? One word: Aloha. {EEEEKKKK!!!}

Why did you join a gym? I feel like I am headed to the greatest workout of my life. Because of a serious car wreak 7 years ago I am not able to "work out". Thus yoga and {grandma} shallow water aerobics. I am just trying to build up some endurance. 

Anything you miss? Sitting in the hot tub. 

Remember that you where born! And that I love you! Thanks so much for all the sweetness you are sharing with me and the baby!



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