Baby update: 21 weeks

Some fun stuff happened this week. So far it's been my favorite week of this whole preggers thing...

 The babes news
Weeks old: 21 {like my blue polish?!?} 
Size: A pomegranate. 10.5 inches 12.7oz 
Cool life event: A lot happened this week...
1. Had a serious photo session with the ultrasound tech.

NOTE: I never did get these photos. I mean it's really not flattering to the baby. I thought I would change my tune when it was a photo of MY kid. Nope. I still think he looks creepy. It's not on the fridge.

2.Discovered that he is already tall for his age. So tall infact they told me they didn't know my due date anymore and gave us a week window. I DID find this humorous...
3. Kicks can be felt on the outside now! He thinks it's the best thing ever. He's totally a show off. 

Jocelyn News:
NOTE: My face is not that fat in real life. I promise. 
21 weeks

How ya doing? I had a great week. Having Rowan feel him for the first time was totally rad. My sister and sister-in-law both got to feel him too. He's winning hearts left and right. I am just so interested in this person, I am starting to look forward to meeting him. 
How is food now? It CAME! The AWESOMENESS came!! I don't feel sick at all anymore. It's great.
Currently eating: Edamame with salt. 
Nursery colors? I have not thought about that yet. The nursery is still only studs so it's kind of hard to get excited about it just yet. I plan to think about that in March.
Biggest fear: Being totally honest here. Brest feeding. The concept totally weirds me out.
Weight gain? 15lbs from my first midwife visit. 3 lbs above my normal weight. So I am still able to wear my jeans...if I unbutton them when I sit down. {Yes. I do that}
Belly touches: Yep. I like it. I can't wait until he kicks someone!
Cloth or reg nappies? Organic, cotton normal. I am not a fan of cloth. I have changed a few and it's totally sick...and I am not mum enough for that yet. 

I love sharing all the baby love with you! Thanks for caring and supporting up! I think you are so cool 


BrideInspired said...

I'm soooooo excited for you! Thank you for this blog post! Miss you ;-)

Anonymous said...
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Laurel West said...

Woot! :) Moving right along!

Just for the record... at 34 weeks I can STILL fit in my pre-prego size 6 jeans.... at least... I did in my dream last night. ;)

April Roskos said...

Oh my word!!!! In all the business of life I have been missing so out on so much. I think I shall have to set a reminder to check in on your blog!!

I am SOOOO happy for you both!! And I love all the baby posts and pictures!! You look beautiful Jocelyn!!


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