Baby update: 20 weeks

Half way there. And it's a boy! A lot of reality happened this week...

Babe news:
Weeks old: 20 weeks
Size: A banana. 10.2 oz and 6.5 inches long
Cool life event: Got my first photo taken. Flashed the camera to make mum and dad proud! 

Jocelyn news:
20 weeks
How's it going? Good. Everything is going so fast, I am trying to keep up.
Did you think it was a boy or a girl? I thought it was a girl actually.
Was the boy suprize a good one? Yes! I always wanted an older brother. I am glad the first child is a man child.
What did Rowan think it was? He NEVER said. It was annoying.
Is he glad it's a boy? Yes of course!
So what about names? That is very overwhelming! It feels like such a big deal. Rowan and I have pretty different tastes in names. Then there is the family issue... like what family names are important, what names do we like, are we going to offend anyone, etc etc. Nothing has really stuck, and honestly I doubt it will until he comes. We are not planning on announcing anything until after he arrives.
What is the craziest advice you have received thus far? "Your life is over." I strongly disagree. I feel like it is just starting... again!
I am excited to show you the progress of the baby room! In fact we are making some cool new improvements in the house. I am determined to be unpacked by May! 


p.s. Todays outfit: My Favorite Hudson jeans I can badly button, thrifted silk shirt, thrifted J.Crew wool blazer, neckless from my grandma a few Christmases back. 


mensajes movistar said...

You look so cute

Laurel West said...

Yay for baby boys!! :)

Don't you love that unasked for advice? I'm with is only getting better!! :)

Silhouettes1881 said...

Love your hair - in fact, it's been pretty cute in all your pictures. :) Good luck on the naming thing. Having done a lot of research on my family's genealogy I've found some really cool names quite a few generations back. It might be fun to see what the names were waaay back - if you know where to look.


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