Baby Update: 18 weeks

We are back in Portland and trying to get our house put back together and un-christmased. I am one of those who takes down everything on the 2nd. I HATE it when Christmas stuff is left out late. I can do early, not late. It's good to be home but we have been sick with colds and the aches. We had such fun over the holidays I guess we ate too much sugar and got too little sleep.  

Here is the baby update! We are 2 weeks to halfway! I can't believe how fast it's going 

Baby News: 


Weeks old: 18

Size: Sweet potato. 5.6 inches long 6.7 oz

Cool life event: Getting the kicking thing down, Yawning, hiccuping and swallowing. 

Jocelyn News 

18 weeks

Feeling? Well. Still have some sick moments but they are fewer and father between. 

Hate any food? Sausage. 

Love any food? This week it is Orange juice 

Cool news: I can fall asleep anywhere. I have never been able to do that before. 

Stretch marks? No!

Weight gained: 1.5 lbs 

Total gained: 5.5 lbs

Anything else? I understand...but I don't understand. That is how I feel about being preggers. 

P.S Trying to decide on a name for a person feels like a huge deal. I have no idea how we will ever agree//decide. Check out the top 100 names over the past 100 years...

Love you and happy new year! 

Outfit for today's sick day. 
H&M {non maternity dress} 
J. Crew Black leggings 
Neckless I got for Christmas from my sister-in-law. 


Rebecca Joyner said...

I like this look for you! :) Your hair looks great and I like the idea posting pictures of the 'baby' size. Best of luck to you!



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