10 tips for dressing up a travel day.

Travel is such fun! It's even better when you have everything you need and can look sharp throughout the day!

1. Layer. Cami, button up, wool or cashmere cardigan, jacket.

2. Wear a scarf. Looks great, keeps you warm and can be a pillow.
3. I prefer to wear leggings or tights. I like to pull my feet up on the seat and jeans or pants are not great for that. 

4. Always wear or bring socks. Cold toes make grumpy travelers. 

5. Slip on shoes. I always go for boots in winter or loafers//ballet flats in the summer. 

6. Sling bag doubles for a day bag on your trip but keep your smaller purse in it for quick access to your license and phone.

7. Wear your hair down pony tails get in the way of leaning your head back. {If your curly, consider straightaning it, otherwise you have fuzz head.} 

8.  Keep your make up {And tooth brush for internationals} for a quick touch up before going out to arrivals. {Gum is good too}

9.  If you have your travel mug the flight attendees will fill it with hot water for you. Hot water bottle with my favorite tea from home. Always makes the flight better. 

10. Smile. Most people are grumpy when they travel. You might be surprised how far a genuine smile will get you. {can you say first class upgrades?} 


May you travel well, 


P.S. make sure your clothing is not too tight. It will not look good and will bother you 3 hours into your trip. 



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