I always wondered what it would be like

After 2 weeks of teaching classes Always feel a little "off". Not enough sleep. Sept classes where no exception.

The day we flew out of CO Rowan brought me a perfectly ripe avocado. {A good way to say I LOVE YOU Jocelyn}. I looked at the avocado and hated it. He handed it to me and I couldn't look it. "When I get home I am taking a full week off. I am acting so weird". Suddenly all I could think about was how stinky everything was. And how hungry I was. And how nothing sounded good.

Got home. The 2 things we had in the fridge: eggs and bread. Eggs and toast? Rowan offered {One of my favs}. The moment the eggs cracked I knew I could NEVER EVER eat that.

Something is wrong.

What's the date anyway?

A week late. Totally normal.

I deeply hate avocados. And eggs. And all food. That is creepy.

Drink water.

Take a pregnancy test. While Rowan eats his eggs.


2 lines.

2 lines for 2 people right? Am I reading this right? It was faint. Maybe it's wrong.

Drink more water. Rowan eats my eggs.

Take another test.

2 lines again.

Drink more water.

Take another test.

2 lines.

Ok these tests are from the dolor tree, Maybe cheap means false readings?

"Rowan, we need to go to the store, RIGHT NOW!"

We walk outside, I can't not tell him. I stop him before we get into the car. I can hardly say it. "I think I am pregnant!" His eyes light up and he grabs me into a hug. Why am I crying?

"Are you serious? This is AWESOME! Are you feeling ok?"  

Then, "Why are we going to the store?"

"Because I took 3 dollar tree tests. I want to go get the most expensive test I can find and take THAT ONE NEXT."

$25 and a large glass of water later...

2 lines.

Is this real?

Another tests.

ALL positive. Baby positive. 


We are going to have a baby! 

I always wondered how I would feel. I feel unbelief really. And like my mind is trying to catch up with my age and phase of life. I almost freaked when someone called me "mom" for the first time. I am always hungry and nothing ever sounds good. {I am really ready for the craving stage to start}. 

More on those wacky details later. 

We are going to have a baby. I can't believe it's happening.  


PS there is some really crazy baby stuff out there! I am learning a lot. And laughing some too...


Lydia Jo said...


Elizabeth Anne said...

Congratulations!! I am so excited for you both! <3

Lauren said...

Seriously so happy for you guys!!! How exciting!! :) You will be in my prayers Jocelyn!

Sarah Bradshaw said...


Hannah K. said...

I'm just. Wow. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

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Lydia Elgard said...

We, The Elgard's, are very excited for you guys! Jocelyn, you say it's weird hearing someone calling you "mom" all I can think of is calling Roger "Grandpa Rog"! (heehee)

We'll keep you guys in our prayers!

Love the Elgard's

Anonymous said...
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Lo said...

Can't believe I didn't see this until now... so cute! And why do I feel like crying? Ahh! I just love you three SO much! :)


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