Christmas: Home away from home

Today we are headed to Minnesota for a festive week of Christmas with Rowan's family. It is going to be fun!


3 years ago I spent my first Christmas away form home. With my new husband and new family the Gillsons. I was into it, but it did not really feel like Christmas that year.  It was just strange to be in a new house and not know what was coming next, not knowing what to look forward to.

But THIS year is different. I {mostly} know the traditions...

Some {new} things I look forward to on Christmas... 

1. Being in a house FULL of girls! 5 sisters means a party ALL the time! 

2. Snow {lots} Snow is not something I am use to so seeing. It makes Christmas so authentic.

3. Watching Rowan with his family. It's adorable.  

4. Girl movies. The girls {mostly} win this evening battle! 

5.  Visiting with my MN  friends. Here is one.

6. Walking into a coffee shop with snow on my boots. {I am mastering the tapping them on the door know to get the snow off} 

7. Being able to sleep in on Christmas. My parents have small children...they are the 6am-ers....

It's great to leave on the 21st. All the wrapping is done, the house is clean, the fridge is empty. We are ready to RELAX and eat cookies! 

So far we have been every other year. One with his fam the next with far it's working. We will see of the baby changes things. 

See you in the Arctic! 



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