Baby update: 17 weeks

The baby did great on it's first ever Christmas. It got to "meet" the other side of grandparents and uncles and aunties. Seems to love them and their cooking. 

It was such a wonderful holiday, I am late in posting week 17. But this is real life that I am living and I refuse to have guilt over it. It's a new campaign I am starting with myself. 

I have been eager to show you the bump. It seems very "pop" to me. However people here tell me I "don't look pregnant  at all" {not sure if that is a complement or if I always look beer bellied...} 

Baby news: 

Weeks old: 17 

Size: An onion. 5.1 inches long 5.9 oz 

Cool life event: Bones and putting fat on them. Still enjoy swimming and the left side of my mums tummy is the favorite. 

baby 17 weeks

Jocelyn's News: 

Feeling? Pretty good. Bloated. 

Hate any food? French fries. 

Love any food? Red meat!

Cool news: Totally felt the baby! It feels like a fish and gas. I love it and it freaks me out all at once.

Stretch marks? Nope! 

Weight gained: 4 lbs 

Cool news: I have 5 friends who are due in June! We found out about 3 on Christmas day. Baby lovein is in the air ;)

Anything else? We will be finding out what the little fish is VERY soon! I can't WAIT to tell you! Any guesses? 

Outfit today: 
J.crew "perfect fit shirt" {It really is perfect}I want this one next
Banana Republic wool cardigan  
H&M Maternity pants 
Essie polish 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas my friends! We did. I am looking forward to catching up with you all next week! 


p.s. ADORE my new boots



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