Baby update: 16 weeks

The Babe's news 


Weeks old: 16

Size: An avocado, 4.6 inches long 3.5 oz 

Cool life events: Working on growing hair and lashes, and taste bunds. Listening to the wold, mum and dad and friends*

Jocelyn's news 
16 weeks

Feeling? Almost NORMAL! 

This weeks cravings? Beef Pho, pineapple, grapefruit, o.j. 

Black listed food? French fries, gravy...avocado {haha}. 

Cool news: We got to hear the baby's hear beat! It was one of the most wild events of my life. I was able to start doing yoga this week. 

Something weird? I can only drink from a straw. If I drink normally I throw up because there is too much stuff going down my throat. 

Baby room coming along? Yeah we have the stuff and start to frame tomorrow! 

Weight gain? Lost a lot from being sick//over seas. Just back to my normal weight.

Stretch marks? No! I am faithful to apply coconut oil and stretch mark cream.  It's all I can do. 

How is Rowan? Working hard, enjoys that the baby can hear him now. He's awesome. 

Anything else? Yeah. Call your mom and say thanks. 

Love you so much! THANKS for all the baby support, I adore sharing details with you! You are so fun! 


*info from the 


Anonymous said...

so where did that super cute dress come from?
~Krissy Mac

A little Rojo said...

Hey Krissy, It's a non-maternity H&M dress. I am trying to stay away from maternity clothing {other then pants} for now anyway. But I think this dress will look great with a huge bump don't you think?

Sarah Bradshaw said...

I'm seriously giddy with excitement for y'all. :D

Anonymous said...

yes, I do think!

Angie Tolpin said...

Joc- I absolutely LOVE the avocado and orange photos! Keep those going honey... seriously... LOVE them!
Hope you are having a good Christmas! Ang


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