3 families and Christmas traditions.

Merging 2 families into a new family is hard. Figuring out traditions and customs and what makes it 'feel like Christmas' is hard.

This year, for the first time I feel like we, Rowan and Jocelyn  have our own Christmas traditions. I was so worried about this the first Christmas we where married. "What traditions will WE have?" My husband did't seem to conceded. "They will just happen...or they will not be real traditions." Booo! I wanted to be established NOW! 

Our traditions did happen naturally, and they are not what I expected. They are odd. But that's what traditions are. And that makes it all the better, don't you think? 

Rojo Gillson Family traditions: 2.5 years into marriage. 

1. I get ornaments when we go to new places//favorite places. Above are some of my favorites. The elk is from Colorado, the strawberry is from Poland, the kiwi Bird is from New Zealand and the Ice skate Minnesota.    

2. We go to our favorite Portland bakery on Christmas eve//the day before we leave town and order whatever we want and talk about the last year.

3. We write what we hope the next year brings in a little book. We don't look at what we wrote last year until the next year. It is really fun to see what dreams transpire and what we accomplish! We adopted this tradition from Rowans parents. 

4. We watch Elf. 

5.  We eat Pomegranates. 

What are some traditions you hope to keep alive in your family? 



Anonymous said...

Those first two paragraphs you wrote sound like I wrote them! Ha. Same exact conversations. We're only on our second Christmas....so the only thing really so far is a special breakfast. We did have a lot of fun putting up lights, so I think that will be a fave

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