15 week update

Yes! 15 weeks! Starting to look a little less bloated//beer bellied and a little more preggers!

The babe's news

Weeks old: 15 

Size: Well they say an orange. 4 inches and 2.5 oz. 

Cool life events: Hiccuping, sucking thumb, swimming, swimming, swimming. Oh yeah it's legs are longer then it's arms. Very good news! 

Jocelyn News and FAQ 
15 weeks

How you feeling? Better! Not throwing up anymore. 

Cravings? Yes but they are not as strong as I thought they would be. I am hopping they get crazier and stronger. Right now I love Tillamook vanilla yogurt, anything citrus and steak burrito from Baja Fresh. ICE WATER oh and Oregon Chai

Food you can't stand: French fries, gravy, anything fried, tea or any hot drinks, chocolate or sweet things. Ew.

Cool news: Bought my first pair of maternity pants over the weekend. H&M is the way to go {for short term items}. 

Mood swings? My husband says no...I don't feel very moody. Just sleepy. 

Weird thing about being preggers? My tummy is rock hard. I kind of thought it would be soft. 

Stranger belly pats? Yeah! It's starting! I actually love it, it does not bother me.  

Hospital birth or home? Hospital. 

Midwife or DR? Midwife.{Such a blessing to live in Portland. Even the hospitals have midwives and all the hippy jazz I love//need} 

Going to find out what it is? Heck YES! I can't wait! 

Names? Haha, not telling, we have to have some secrets. 

Are you going to keep teaching with IPS? Yes! 

Are you guys going to stop traveling? No! Yeah right. 

How is Rowan doing? He is AWESOME. He loves our baby and finds me quite funny. He is happy I am feeling better. 

When are you due? First week of June.

Other news? We are putting in a baby room in the basement attached to the master bedroom.  

Books? Need some, any suggestions? 

Anything else? Suddenly newborns look HUGE. 

loves to you my dears, I will continue to post updates now that I am not barfing every other second or over seas. 


ps what is the strangest thing you have heard of a new mamma craving? 


Hannah K. said...

I am SO SO happy for you!!!!! I can't wait to meet this little one!!

Lauren said...

You look awesome Jocelyn! So glad you are feeling better! :)

Laurel West said...

Aww! I love this idea, Jocelyn! :) So glad you're feeling better!

Hilarious though- I always thought my tummy would be hard... and it's soft! ;) ;)

Michelle said...

I love this! You are so cute!

dont worry the tummy is soft after the baby comes....it was a massive shock to me.

So happy for you three!

It will be life altering in the most amazing way to become a momma!

Reading - this article made me crack up (and not to scare you at all) http://www.uniquelynormalmom.com/2012/10/14-things-you-dont-know-or-forget-about.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+uniquelynormalmom%2FKkSX+%28Uniquely+Normal+Mom%29&utm_content=FaceBook&ref=nf

Silhouettes1881 said...

Jocelyn, so happy for both of you! Been thinking of you lately and all our chats last year. So fun. Blessings!

Rowan Gillson said...

I love you! You're awesome!

Kristin said...

We are SO excited for you guys!! I totally can't wait to meet the little one.

Meagan said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! :-) Glad you're feeling better. Such an exciting time.


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