Baby Sister. 6 years old | Portland OR

As per tradition, Birthday photos are taken of all my family members.  This is Abby, my sister. This is the shoot that she styled {Chose the location, outfit, props and some poses} And an interview I find quite entertaining. She is such a blessing! These are a little late...I have been rather overbooked this fall...

Name: Abby

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite thing to do: Riding the 4-weeler

Favorite Part of her day: Riding my bike

Favorite Place to go: "I'm expecting it will be the swimming place we are going for Robby's Birthday" {Her 7 year old brother}

Favorite Day of the week: "Sunday, because we eat popcorn and smoothies for dinner!"

Favorite game: Checkers

What is the hardest part about being 6?  Trying to Obey

Anything else?
"hummm...well, I have a new bike and we go to church, I love mom and dad and we have flowers on the porch, my best chore is making my bed but I HATE to pick up the laundry in the hall. I hope you like my photos."









Silhouettes1881 said...

So cute Jocelyn! These are all so adorable. 6-year-old sisters are so much fun. Just posted about mine - whose favorite color is also pink. ;)

Lydia Jo said...

She is adorable! What a great BD tradition to have. :) I have a little 7 yrs. old sister who looks SO much like her - brown hair, skin, eyes, and all!

A little Rojo said...

Lydia, you should let her "run" a photo shoot for you! Hilarious what they can come up with :)

Rachel! I love seeing your family on your blog! :)

Hailey said...

she is seriously adorable =)

Stephanie said...

Super adorable! Love those big brown eyes <3


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