Playing house. But for real

We are moved in! I am loving the slow unpacking process. 

Getting to moving day was stressful. I feel like it has been one of the slowest months of my life. Odd, because normally when things are crazy times flies. My mom, grandma and a slew of siblings came over to pack up our apartment. I am humbled when things like that happen {and they happen ALL the time}. The people who know me best and love me most offer to come "have a packing party". They somehow turn things I can't do into a blessing for them to do. We finished packing in a day and it was such a load off my shoulders. I can't do everything, even though I really, really want to. 

Moving day was smooth. I was humbled again by all the help that showed up. They had everything out of our little apartment in an hour and half. We had the truck unloaded into the new house before lunch. I have never seen a moving day go fast and be so much fun! Maybe because it was my moving day. 

My sister stayed over and help me unpack the kitchen and get a few things set. Yesterday I enjoyed unpacking and throwing away as much as I could. Because too much stuff really, really bothers me. 

Simplicity is something  I am always working for. It's work to not have too much stuff or to get rid of things you don't need. When we packed up everything we owned, I realized we own too much. So I have ben going though things to make life more simple. With the exception of shoes of course. 

Ok, ok bloggies here are the pics you have been asking for! Thanks for caring, I love writing to you! :) 

Oh yeah, this is my current favorite, blog inspiration for designing the inside of the house. It's so Euro and I love it.

Making more counter space and cupboards space. Our kitchen is tricky with 4 doors and very little storage.
Ikea shelves $9 total. Ikea butcher block $50. Big thanks to all the friends and family who gave us cute dishes for our wedding! 

The original stove. Cute but frustrating. I decided to sell it and get a new one. I need all the assistance I can get when it comes to cooking. A temperamental stove is not helpful to dinner or to my marriage. 
Cute tho isn't it? 

"You painted your kitchen cupboards BLACK?"
"Wait. You painted your kitchen walls navy?"
{A pretty consistent conversation as of late. And P.S. I was so right. It looks so classy}

The bathroom. It's not finished, still looking for window shades and cute drawers to replace the horrid plastic ones. Love the claw foot tub and I did splurge on the shower curtain, on {mega} sale at Anthropology  

The office. Perhaps the rooms I am most excited about in our new house! Mainly because work will not be in our living room. 

Detailed tile on the fireplace meeting the hardwoods 

The doorknobs are original and the so are the doors. Yes, I painted some of them black. London inspired! 

This is how we get our mail! No kidding, I totally thought this only happened in the movies. It's one of my favorite parts. 

I found this old trunk by the side of the road {that is one of the ways Portland recycles} It matches perfectly. We are currently using it for the "coffee bar" until something better//taller comes along. Then I think it will be the coffee table.

I found those awesome doors in the basement of the house. I am going to make some shelving for the coffee bar out of them. So rustic. 

On the day we moved in my grandma gave me this chair. It was her fathers, my great grandfathers work chair. I am in love with it and it's one of my favorer belongings. 

Yeah for Mr. Owl! I found him at goodwill for $6.99 and he suites this house very well. And I love him too. 

Another used donation from moving day! So snuggly! You should come over sit in it, talk to me and I will make you some tea. 

In love in the mess of it all! 



Ashley Christine said...

Oh. my. word. now I want to buy a house & decorate it and stuff!

Jena Webber said...

So beautiful. Nothing quite like the first home! Gave that ro-jo classy look!

Christina said...

Great job! Everything looks cozy and perfect!!

Silhouettes1881 said...

So happy for you - congrats on moving in! One of my favorites is the old chest - so cute. And the clawfoot tub too. We're putting one in our house & it's one of the main things I'm looking forward to. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I'm so happy for you guys! Thanks for sharing pics. Someday I will make my way up there to visit in person. :) Miss you!!

April Olivia said...

YAAAAY!!!!! So happy for you both!!! Love the pics and the story!!!


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