The insane season has arrive....

It's been a crazy week of jet lag, catching up and repacking. We have officially come into our "insane session" We pack up and drive to CO for a month in a few days!I am looking forward to being back in CO. We have a perfect little cabin there and a great church and dear dear friends. Such a blessed wonderful life we have been given.

A few things...

I have been messing with the "eat for your blood type" diet. It's a "better heath" diet. I am ALWAYS looking for foods//ways to feel better. I have struggled with my heath for about 5 years from a serious car accident. I am supose to eat more kale. I started putting it in my smoothies and it's awesome! My husband is only a little freaked out and gets less and less grossed out with every glass...poor dear, that's what you get for marring a Portland girl! We west coast hippies can be so stage...


BE GREEN Smoothie: {The BEST way to eat a salad}
.5 cup frozen mango
.5 cup frozen raspberries
1 cup oj
.5 cup water
a ton of kale and spinach

Blend, drink {Check your teeth after you are done}

Have a good day,




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