The 21 hours to CO

It was really a good drive. We drove to CO in 2 days. It was a nice break from flying. Don't road trips make you feel like you can do anything? Simplifying your life into bags and off you go. Freedom, adventure, endless possibilities. 

Here are some window snaps...I love the windmills. They are a nice break from looking at "nothing"




Check out the pack job...stuff to the tippy top! 


Classes start Monday. I love it. I love working with Rowan. I love meeting the students for the first time, knowing we will be good friends in a few days. 



Elizabeth said...

Ah,'s only been 7 months since I attending PWP1 in Manitou, and I really wish I could come to another class there!
Awesome memories!
Eat some Colorado Custard Co. for me....Hot Fudge sundae with chocolate custard...Yum!!!!

Silhouettes1881 said...

Wish I was there with you all! I so know what you mean by the thrill of travel - so exciting! Especially when your car is loaded to the max.... just makes you feel like you're going to be gone forever....


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