Oxford 1 {getting there}

Rowan  and I are in Oxford England working on a 4 min promotional video for a foreign exchange program here. It's one of the biggest projects I have ever done and our goal is to get it done in 10 days. Shot edited and exported. We will see...

San Fran to London. 9.5 hours. Sleeping pills and new music is all I need to be happy...with a few snacks tossed in. I don't even mind airplane food. 

Sparkling water is one of my snacks. Look how happy I am! 

Rowan getting in a few more moments of free//fast wifi {It's complicated to find if your an American in Europe }

It was not without annoyed looks that we got all this gear from London to Oxford--on the bus.

The bus station

Arriving in Oxford was wonderful. It is one of my favorite cities and good friends are here. We were welcomed in great English style with tea, milk and digestives{cookies}.

We are finishing up details and are getting excited to hit the streets and shoot! Must sleep a bit frist.

Much love always,


Anonymous said...

I almost cried when I read this.

What I sap.


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