Just some happenings

My date with Rowan was good one. We went up the hills of Portland to a museum and wandered and chatted, held hands and he read the signs to me. It was perfect. He felt loved, which was the goal. 

{This is Rowan reading me a sign, this is me distracted while he reads me a sign} 

Awesome tree and view and man. 

In other happenings...

Kombucha is my latest hobby. I love making it and am currently working on the flavoring and carbonation. I really only drink water so having a healthy tasty drink is wonderful! I can also tell a difference in my energy levels and metabolism when I drink it consistently. You should try making it {If it does not freak you out...and if it does you should just come over and try some of mine cause I am getting pretty darn good at it} 

Yesterday we stopped in Goodwill, I found 2 dresses that I love. I need to get them altered but they will be perfect for summer. I plan on wearing more summer dresses. I think they are perfectly romantic, and more flattering then shorts. 

I also made popcorn and forgot to put the lid on the pan. That was embarrassing. And messy. 

Still no movement on the house hunt. I found one I liked on Thurs and it was gone in less then 3 hours! Investors are vicious! 

Pilatesis going well, I like my teacher and classmates...and am the only one who thinks trying to stand on half a rubber ball is funny. 

This week is going to be a lot of prep, we are getting ready to go to Oxford England to shoot a video! Very much looking forward to being in that lovely land again! England is one of my favorite places and Oxford one of my favorite cities. 

love always, 


Sarah Bradshaw said...

I want some of your kombucha. I ADORE the stuff.

Lydia Jo said...

Cool that you make your own kombucha...my personal favorite is guava (G.T's)! :)


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