Getting ready to go

I keep meaning to post. I get in bed and just as I drift off to sleep I think "I need to post on rojo...zzzzzz" You know those kind of moments... 

We are getting ready to go to London for a 10 day shoot. Video and Photo. I am nervous excited. I love London! We will be spending most of the time in Oxford. 

The story board...or phase 1 of it.

Shopping for gear. Thank God for s husband who knows about that kind of thing...

Talkin to Oxford and getting the script and set ready to go...

On a non related note my kombucha is totally rocking the world. Check out that carbonation! I feel like such a cool women when I make this stuff! 

See you in London!



Michelle said...

Have a lovely trip!!!! Your kombucha looks AMAZING. if you would not mind sharing your recipe...I would love to have it. wadenshell at gmail dot com


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