Eggplant fail

I have this weird thing. I think eggplant is pretty. I love pretty things. So, seriously even time I go to the store I want to bring one home with me. The trouble comes when I have to eat it. I have tired many different forms of cooking the purple pretty but never could find one I could actually take more then one bite of. 

Well the other night Rowan and I went to this Lebanese restaurant. It was awesome! I  loved this one dip and ate it all, leaving not much for my husband. I came to find it was EGGPLANT! I was SO happy! I could make it! I mean how hard could it be to mash up eggplant and put some lemon and sesame paste in it? Ha! Not hard! I am going to master this! 


I was super happy to go the store. I felt so awesome with 2 eggplants in my hand held basket. I was hoping the casher was going to ask what I was making for dinner. I mean an eggplant, sesame past, lemon and yogurt is so ethnic and cool! He didn't. Loser. 

I skipped home and started following the directions. 

...Did I mention that my husband was out of the house? He was playing volleyball and would not be home until late. My Friend was coming over for a girl night. I was going to make up girl food {egg plant is far far far from boy food} 

So the first step was: 
1. Wash eggplant and put in the the oven at 400 degrees. 

So I did. 

About 30 min later I hear an explosion from the oven....ummm shoot....

...then the other one burst open. 

Is that suppose to happen? I doubt it. Dang it mom! {I always blame my mom when I mess up in the kitchen. Makes me feel better. Though I will admit here and now that she did TRY to teach me to do womanly cook.  I was just not interested and always had "better things to do" She gave it her best effort.} 

I pulled out the once beautiful eggplant and found this horrid deformed mass 

Sad, but  was determined to make it work. I WANT TO LIKE EGGPLANT! 

I followed the rest of the directions and mashed up all the stuff. By that time my friend had arrived! Perfect she could be there for the first tasting. I had such high hopes. 

I stuck my finger in it and took a lick. GROSSS!!!! DIRTY DIPER!!!! SICKEST THING EVER!!!

Fail in a huge way. 

The sick sick stuff I made. This is my barf face. 

The problem was now it was late and I was hungry and so was my friend. All we had was mashed up eggplant that tasted like dirty dipper {it really did}. 

So we walked to the store and got something you just open and put in the oven and then eat {don't do that very often so it felt like a big deal} 

So we ate frozen food and talked. 

I gave up eggplant. Even though it is purple and it LOOKS like it should taste like a mix of a strawberry and a mango. It does not taste like that at all. Eggplant taste like dirt. 

I am so jealous of you if you like the stuff. Blessings on you.



Linda said...

This made my day, LOVE it! (no, not eggplant. I refuse to eat the stuff!)

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