4 years old.

I am sitting in the living room//office. Rowan is working late. Typing away at some project.  I am planning a date for him tomorrow. Pretty excited about it. I love thinking about things he will enjoy. It involves doing stuff, like hiking or eating or seeing something cool. I am looking forward to reconnecting with him. It's been a crazy week and we really have not had too much time to catch up after the week he was gone.

Last night was my little brothers 4th birthday. He is quite something. He would be what they call a "resilient child," overcoming a lot in his young life.  Coming into my parents home from a "very bad and dangerous situation" he was solemn  and adult like at 18 months. He had seen far too much for a baby boy. 

Meph is 4

But with consistent love, hugs and lots and lots of kisses he is blooming. He dances and sings and plays and loves loves loves his parents and siblings.

His joy, his security have new meaning because of what he has been through. His thankfullness in the little things is one his most adorable features. Like new pj's, undies and shoes. Anything new he he looks you in the eye and says "tank you! Tank you sooooo much!"  As he jumped into his dad's arms snuggled for a bit then got up to play with his brothers and sisters. I can't help but see myself. How I was resuced like he was. How I was adopted by an adoring and caring Heavenly Father who loves me.


How I love you little brother! How glad I am you are in our family forever and ever. How much joy you bring us all! 

Thank you Heavenly Father for adopting me, calling me by name and taking such good care of me.




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