Thankful for what has been done already

I have not been feeling very well the last few days. Tired, headaches trouble with my tummy. It has kept me laying pretty low. It's a battle when I have many days like this in a row. My Self esteem plummets when I can hardly keep the house clean, answer emails and cook dinner.{It's car accident related, not baby related for the record}

I am thankful for this time because it reminds me of the love that is given freely. By my Heavenly Father and by my gracious husband. I am taken care of. I am loved.

It's not about what I can do, did do or could do. It's actually about what has been done for me. I can run a 10 mile race or sleep in and be loved the same. I can have a spotless home and dinner on the table at 6 sharp or my husband can help me cook it and we eat between 5.45 and 8. Loved the same. Accepted the same. Jesus is understanding. 

I ponder that hope today. I rest in that truth today.

Rowan my love, taking me out for coffee and a chat...

We are still house hunting. It's still fun! We have not really found anything else we like...but it changes every day so you don't really know what will happen tomorrow! {Maybe that is why I like it so much!} 

May you rest in what has been down for you and not what you are able to do.




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