Saying I love you back

It was 4 in the morning. We stood outside the airport. It was the 3rd time I had seen him. We had been dating, long distance for 3 weeks. As we stood there he looked at me and said 
"I love you Jocelyn". 
Shocked, I looked at him.  Was that allowed? Shouldn't he wait until he was going to ask me to marry him? We had never talked about this! What's the plan here? What do I say? AH! 'BE HONEST' come to mind, so I was. I looked back said,
"I think I am starting to love you too."
He gave me a little smile and said 
"That is all I can hope for" 
Gave me a hug and walked into the airport. I stood on the curb looking at the door he walked though. Was that the moment? What if I didn't marry him? Was I guarding my heart? What does that even mean? Who says to their boyfriend "I THINK I AM STARTING TO LOVE YOU TOO?" Geez Jocelyn, you are bad at this.

Good relationships always take work. They require investment. Last week I was convicted that I had believed a lie--that I did not need to do any pursuing in my marriage. It's HIS job to pusue ME!He asks the questions, he plans the dates, he figures me out. How rude! How selfish. How lame! How unlike ANY other relationship I have. I don't treat my girl friends that way! Why would I treat my husband worse then I treat them?

So I took my husband out on a date. I planned the whole thing. I made the plans, I bought the burgers. The look in his eye and the kiss I got at the end of the night ensured that I will be planning a date night again. He loved it!

I want to be a wife that invests back. I want to be a friend that knows what my best friends enjoys to do. I want my husband to get goose bumps when he hears I have a date planed. I want to purse my husaband so know knows beyond a doubt that I am completely and uteerlty in love with who he is! I want to speak love into the love of my life.

May you love well,


Nate and Robyn Copper said...

Jocelyn!!!! THANK YOU!!! I needed this and will put into effect immediately... You have a way with words and this one spoke to my heart.

Thank you, thank you!!

Have a GREAT rest of your month!!


WriteTheVision said...

Joc, you inspire me SO MUCH! Thank you for being honest and real and you:-)


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