My solo week.

Last week Rowan was away working. It was the longest time we have spent apart. 7 nights. We both knew going into this marriage that there would be nights apart. Many of them. In fact I expected it to be sooner then now.

It went pretty well. I booked a full week of friends and family and work. I woke up early so I could fall asleep quickly. Still, time went slow. I missed him a lot.

However, it was good for me to be alone again. It remained me what my hope is in, my Heavenly Father. It is a fight to keep my identity Christ and not Rowan, or  Gillson, or IPS or Portland or traveling or friends or tea or photos or so many other things that are "me". My hope, my reason, my vision and my life is Christ Jesus Risen.

Being apart for a week also made me so very thankful for everything that Rowan does. Like fill the car with gas, help me carry heavy things up the stairs, hug me, encourage me, laugh with me//at me, take care of the bills, take the trash out, hold my hand, make me tea, tell me stories, read to me, and so many other things. I feel the love of God though my husband. He is perfect for me. I am very thankful.

It was also fun to have some "free time" here are some peaks of my solo week.

Shopping clearance, winter stuff is on sale now! Getting ready for the New Zealand Trip in Nov

The results!

My pretty sister in window light with my valentines flowers.

Meeting my little friend and flower girl in our wedding at Omsi...doing a "science experiment" really good looking eye gear!

Home made face mask...honey, banana, nutmeg, oats and other good stuff! It's fun, you should try it! 

my baby brother and his new perfect is he?

Making pizza with my little sister

Rowan arrived home last night. We are taking the day to visit as many coffee shops as we can!

much love always,

PS Thanks for the concern about my health, I am feeling a bit better, but not all the way. I am going into the Doc this week to vamp up the supplements...


Silhouettes1881 said...

I LOVE clearance shopping - looks like you made some cute buys! :)


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