Some happy from this week.

Last weekend we went to the beach las minuet. I LOVE whims. Planning to be spontaneous is one of my favorite things! It ended up being a beautiful weekend. It was great to reconnect without lap tops, internet connections and turn our phones off {well mine died but it had the same effect}

Barefoot in Jan!

It was a great trip! This week we have been working a lot. It's been good. Making forward progress. I have done 2 classes of Pilates this week and it is going well. I have never done anything like this before. I am in a class with mainly grandmothers {hence the "rehab" part}. I like grandmothers--and they seem to like me. They "work out" at the pace I should, so we are friends. I am going to do 10 weeks of the class and then see what I want to do from there. One week down, 9 to go.

It's my goal this weekend to laugh out loud often. I need to laugh more.  

 Have a good weekend! 



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