Snow, Mopeds and was a weird week.

It was a good week. Kind of weird. 

My favorite neighborhood moped...

A pretty bottle to put my toner in. I put my beauty supplies in pretty bottles. I can leave them out and they still look good. They put me in a good mood in the morning too. 

Snow dates! Snow makes my husband romantic so we we took a walk to Thai food {My vice and guilty pleasure} It was such a fun date! 

Friends being dorky.

Our church launched! It was a great day! We are so excited about what God is doing in Portland. 

Strange: I walked up to our car and there was a pack of diapers on the roof. 27 of them. Size 5. That is for a 30 lb baby. I totally cracked up, I have no idea if it was a prank or if it just happened....either way I thought it quite funny. 

May you be happy, 




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