Saying thank you

I have been thinking about marriage. This has to do with a few things. 1. We just started a marriage series at church {It's wonderful} 2. I have received a few emails on the topic. I really am more in love with Rowan then when we dated. We don't fight. There is never yelling or speak unkindly in our home. This is a choice but also more natural then I thought it would be. 

Saying thank you is something that I always want to do. I make sure that I don't "expect" Rowan to take out the trash or clean up the kitchen after I make dinner. I always tell him "thank you". I want him to feel valued. He IS valued! I say "thank you" to a stranger at the store, why would I not say it to those I love most? I want to treat Rowan better then I treat any other person. It bothers me greatly when I see ladies treating their husbands/ boyfriends worse then they treat their girlfriends. I just don't get it.

Even as I type this Rowan says "Thanks for making breakfast, love" from his computer.  This of course makes me want to make his breakfast every day {no, I don't normally make never} but those little words make me want to! The power of thankfulness is awesome.

I am so very thankful for him.
I never want Rowan to doubt my thankfulness to him!

Happy Monday! 



Allie Dean said...

Love this post.
Love this photo.
Love seeing you two together.

God is good!


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