Mr&Mrs Karram [Bocca Ratone FL]

They met in lab. Both working to become doctors. She loved his charm, quick wit. He loved her soft spirit, how hard she worked, not to mention her incredible good looks.

It was a long distance relationship from the start. Peppered with mid terms and finals. Med school is not conducive to relationships. But they made it work.  

He surprised her with a proposal before her birthday and she has been planning this perfect wedding for 2 years. Every detail had her finger prints on it.

As a couple they are charming. Balancing each other well. Obviously in love and comfortable in each others arms. Photographing them was incredible. They ooozzzed personality and are enchanted with each other.

Their wedding was a family event, and tons of fun!

wedding 1


Wit and charm indeed....

But serious when he needs to be.

This is one of my favorite shots of the day!

But then I saw this one...and I can't decide. 

Love is photogenic.

He loves her. You can tell he thinks she is the prettiest girl in the world. He could not take his eyes off of her. 

Mrs. Karram you are perfectly beautiful...

He gave her his grandmother's ring... 

Congratulations you two wonderful people! It was perfect, just like you guys!


It started to rain after the wedding and durning our romantic couple shoot. She was not worried about her dress, however her white shoes could not take the grass and rain. So the poor dear stomped around in my shoes, 2 sized too big for her. She was a great sport, laughing all the way. Her new husband must have thought it cute, he could not keep his lips off her.


And yes, I have my jeans under my cocktail dress. And of course I shoot weddings in such dresses! 



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