I don't really set goals on the new year. I am starting to realize I am a bit OCD. If a goal is set, making that goal happen becomes my utmost and highest. So I set "hopes" for the year. 

I have a few hopes. Nothing earth shattering. Sharing them here is good. It's like being held accountable--in a rather scary way. 


-To love without expecting anything in return. 

-To grow in my friendship with Rowan. I love being with him. I enjoy his company. This year I hope to know him more, see his soul clearer, understand his needs better, relax in his love and protection. I can honestly say that marriage has gotten better as times passes. I can't image my life without him. We are perfect for each other. 

-Because of on going heath uses from a car accident I hope to strengthen my body. I am excited to start a rehab work out class a few blocks from my house. I am nervous though. I have never admitted I needed "rehab". But I do. I am getting weary of always having a headache and other nasties. How lame is it for pride to get in the way? I am not strong, why should I pretend that I am? 

-Speak words of hope. 

-Sing more often.

-Understand the heart of God in a new way. 

-Invest our savings. 

-Stop being scared of what people think about me. It's a trap that has gotten oddly worse over time.

-Smile more. Smiles are powerful, people are drawn to them.


Looking over the last year has been fun. I love remembering... 

We moved to a cute little apartment. We have been so happy here and love city life...

We spent a lot of time teaching all over the place. We love teaching photography, we meet the coolest people ever! This is out little GA class. 

We spent our one year anniversary in Rome {I know, who does stuff like that?} I understand that this traveling can't last forever so I am soaking it up. I am spooled rotten and I know it!


More in love a year later... 


Another serious highlight was taking 16 incredible ips students though Italy. I have not enjoyed a country as I did Italy. our group was so fun! We laughed and ate our way though the beautiful land.

Rowan had always wanted to go to Poland so after out Italy adventure we spent a few nights in Poland. It was great...even heard the krakow trumpeter every hour with the missing note! 


On the streets of Krakow.

One of the saddest things I saw and experienced  in 2011 was Auschwitz. The largest concentration camp from WWII in Poland. Millions died here. The evil was shocking. The cruelty overwhelming. The injustice infuriating. Even now I get teary remembering the thousands of children's shoes, the tons of women's hair,  thousands and thousands eye glasses, suitcases, teeth, the most awful living conditions, torched buildings, the gas chambers. Blood seems to make the ground scared. Undeserving pain, injustice and cruelty are hard to sort though. 




Rowan's family came to see us in the summer! It was so fun to show them our little lives.

Rowan and his little sisters 

We sold my cool car. I was sad. But happy to get a new one.

We spent a week with our dear friends in CA. Went to Disneyland on a whim. I LOVE whims! 

We are more in love then we ever have been, and looking forward to see what happens in the next year! 


much love, always 


Dianna Vermeer said...

"-Stop being scared of what people think about me. It's a trap that has gotten oddly worse over time."

This resonates in a world of instant feedback and evaluation. For what it's worth, after getting to meet the two of you at Summit, WI, in 2010, I think you and your work are fantastic. You're using the gifts God's given you.

Faith Ann said...

I loved your post! Beautiful and inspirational goals/hopes for the year. Looking forward to seeing you in June!


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