Friday, perhaps a down in history day?

This week. A good one, a perhaps life changing one.

We are house hunting.  I LOVE it. Going and looking at differnt homes and letting yourself dream about living there. It's been a blast. It has not been stressful or crazy or hard like some people told me it would be. 

The other day I woke up and really felt the need to check the new listings so I did. I found this house and I LOVED it from the moment I saw it. Called our Realtor and we saw it 20 min later. As I walked though it I knew it was my dream house. The one I have been waiting for! I want to live there more then any other home we have looked at. I love evertyhing about it. It's old and cool and big enough to host lots of parties. It's perfect for lots and lots of babies one day!

We put in an offer by noon that same day. But of course there are other offers in too, it's the best house ever. Everyone wants it. I don't think our offer will be the highest or the best--it was just first. We did everying we could to get the house. Now we wait to hear...I guess this could be the hard or bad part. But it's not. I am excited for the phone to ring, I am excited to see what God does. Yes or no the answer is of Him. So for now I am trying not to dream too much about living there. I am NOT shopping for drapes and NOT shopping for a new kitchen table. I am resting in God and his detailed care for me and Rowan. If we don't get this house I am going to cry a bit and will my heart back to trusting my Father who cares for me so well.

Putting in our offer...SO FUN! 

More of our week included...

Sitting in our favorite coffee shop! LIFE DAY needed some good coffee shops!

Making Rowans favorite dinner--wild rice soup.

Pilates {still so strange to me that I don't wear shoes} Class is going well and making me stronger. I am totally still the worst one there {and the only one who busts out laughing}, but I really like it anyway.

Walking home from the store I found this rose peaking out. It made me smile and I praised God for it.

Yeah for weekends! I hope I get to go drape shopping! I hope I look back on this Friday as I day we got our first ever home!




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