Sunshine in FL, relaxing before a wedding

We had a quick 3 days in Boca Raton, FL for a wedding. It was great to see some 75 degree weather and sunshine. We even hit the beach for a few hours after scouting locations! 

All I have been posting is snaps, but currently that is life. We are in the process of planning and booking next year. I am just glad to be able to sit on the beach and ponder such things! 

Trying to be hot...but looking kind of dorky...
Enter and be filled with joy! 

yummy light 

We flew out yesterday to MN. That was a rather change! Went from the land of warm beaches to frozen lakes. Packing was a is a airplane window shot of New York city! 

We are chilling at the Gillsons today, it is fun to be back so soon! We are here 4 days then back home for Christmas! 

Wedding photos coming soon! It was lovely and the couple was hotness embodied and excited to try out some new posing ideas I had! I can't wait to show them off! 

I am thankful for the beach. It makes me feel small. 

Happy day! 



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