Back home weirdness.

There is something strange about coming home. I feel like I am getting good at the traveling wife thing. The home wife however I am a bit more insecure in. There is always a strage "what is real" feeling after being on the road. Rowan and I spent a grand total of 6 nights in out home in Nov and less then 10 in Oct. It has been a long 8 weeks. We ran 5 photography classes all over the states. 

I am exhausted. But I so want to be a good wife. In my head I have always thought of a good wife as a good house keeper and cook. I will admit failure on both those fronts. However I know that the heart of being a good wife is engaging with my husbands soul. It is seeking him out. Loving him. Oddly enough the challenge the last few days has been taking care of myself so I can function. Making time to sleep and eat well and catch up on the input of my soul. I refuse to be a martyr, but recognize my own needs and see to them. That is being a good wife this week.    

So we have spent the last few days loving each other. We have taken naps and tried to motivate ourselves todo anything work related. I would have taken more photos but I have been sleeping. 

Today after not being able to focus we took a little stroll to one of the best coffee stands in P-town...

Cool Portland barista composing the perfect cup of coffee.  

This weekend we are going over to my family's house for christmas cookie day. This is very exciting. I mean how adventurous is it to bake with 6 kids under 10? 

Have a good weekend! 




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