Tolpins 2011

Rowan and I spent a short week home and had a number of family sessions. It was a whirl wind of seeing family, grabbing coffee with friends and doing some really fun photographing. 

Ah, my Toloins. They are well, really cool. I know I say that in pretty much every post. But I am serious. We have the coolest people in our lives. I try not to be vain but OUR friends are cool AND pretty!

The Tolpins are no exception. 

They all have beautiful eyes and hair and teeth and smiles and skin and clothing. They are just pretty people that are well dressed. Does not get much better when you work as a photographer. 

Thanks for letting us photograph you once again! It is always a pleasure!

tolpins 1 tolpins3 love... tolpins 2 the boys... tolpin boys the girls tolpins 5



benjamin said...

awesome! love love love.

Angie Tolpin said...

Awww! We love you guys too! Photo Shoots with you is so much FUN!!!


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