To be thankful


We have been going way to fast the last 3 months. We have been all over the place teaching and photographing and doing our thing.  

photo-1 copy

{Rowan and I outside my fav cafe we found in San Antonio TX}

We are not slowing down until next year. We love it...and hate it. It's a passionate mix that I never really know what to do with. I love eating out, but after 2 weeks I hate it. I love flying but after too many hours of recycled air and painful seats I hate it. I love seeing new places, I hate being away from home so much. I love meeting new friends, I hate leaving my comfortable old besties.

The state of our house when we are home for only 3's only clean when we are gone. We are always in the repacking phase it seems...

A few months back a dear friend of mine encouraged me to make a list of 1,000 things I am thankful for. I did. She gave me a little note book and I have tried to write in it {most} every evening. It has done incredible things for my heart and soul. 

Thankfulness replaces selfishness, pride, greed and all sorts of other nasties I don't want in my heat or marriage. My soul has been soothed as I give thanks. 

Here are a few from my list..

Thanks for...
1. Jesus. Cause he rescued me from myself 
2. My husband, cause he loves me even though he knows me.
3. My family, cause they keep me real and laughing. 
4. My best friend, cause she is the best ever.
5. Being barefoot, it makes me feel alive 
6. The sea, it makes me feel small.
7. The sun, it warms me.
8. The wind, crisp on my face.  
9. The United States of America, why did I get to be the 1%?  
10.The Church, because it shows that God truly is gracious and does not give up. 
11.Cell phones, I don't know how I would live without texting.
12.Sparkling water, I love that stuff
13.My husbands laugh, the joy it brings to my soul! 
14.Driving with the windows down and singing a good tune.
15.Music, it's food for the soul 
17. Facebook, I would never be able to keep track of so many friends without it! 
18.Doors, a lot of places don't have doors and I like them.
19.Snow, cause it contrast the Sun
20.The beach, I think God made it just for me {vain?}
21.Curling irons. Can you imagine life without those?
22. Nail polish, it brights my days 
23. Mac, they made it simple to be a computer person 
24. Tea, not as good as coffee but nice just the same 
25. Cereal, I like it better then ice-cream.   

Blessings and thankfulness,


Sarah Katelyn Imagery said...

It is refreshing to hear thankfulness! In our country it is becoming more and more rare.

derks said...

i think you should also be thankful for that sweet old phone on your wall.

Silhouettes1881 said...

I have to agree with Benjamin here on the phone - my grandparents had one when I was little and I loved playing with it! It really adds to your picture too....

Krissy said...

Joc, I know what you mean! In 6 weeks of marriage we have now been home 10 days (all added together). This stretch will make 7 days! I think that might be a record for a while. I know what you mean about the love/hate. I decided that means I love being on the road with my man, but I love being in my little home. God is good no matter where we are!
Miss you!
Oh, and I love that you are real and will post a picture of a messy house. LOVE IT!!!!!

Sarah Bradshaw said...

love you, friend.

Elizabeth Anne said...

I am also doing the 1,000 challenge and it has radically changed my way of life thinking. Love you tons!!! I am so blessed to know you both.


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