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Hi friend, 

I have struggled to find a good facial lotion for years. Recently I walked into a little European spa to get a facial. A French women pushed me into a seat and took a microscope to my skin causing me to sweat a little with her disapproving frown that was too close for comfort.

I have never felt good about my skin. I have tried a thousand different options and nothing seems to make a difference. After I discovered that I have very sensitive skin and will react to the littlest changes, I have been able to baby it a little more and that has helped but not all the way. I have even noticed that different water can make my skin dryer and inflamed. I have a problem with my skin being too dry, then it freaks out and makes more oil, then evil breakouts. 

As the French women inspected my skin with her critical eye she did my facial then threw this product at my face telling me in her thick accent "this will make your skin more supple and more beautiful, you need to bye!" Of course it was expensive but she did seem to know what she was doing and I am a sucker for anything Euro. So I bought it. I am shocked at how well my skin has done. I have seen a huge difference. More then any other product I have ever purchased. I found it on Amazon for a better price, it's is still spendy but hey, you wear your face everyday so I think it's a worthy investment. 

And in cause you wanted more new French fried recommended washing my face with a milk base cleanser then use a non alcoholic toner then the Pevonia then sleep. In the morning I just tone and apply the lotion. Water and soap twice a day cause dryness in my case. 

Pevonia Botanica 

Stay beautiful 



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