Sisters and movies.

I have 5 sister in-laws. It is SOOOOO fun to have girl time. Girl movies are much better when you all say "ahhhhh!" at that same time, you know?

Here is a pic of the whole Gillson Family...It's a little embarrassing because they KNOW who left so much dark hair in the bathroom. 

Me and 2 of the girls watching a movie in the late afternoon, a true sign of being on holiday...

Today I am thankful for...
54. Sleeping in, waking up to NOT an alarm is wonderful.  
55. Heavy blankets to snuggle under 
56. Chick flicks with cool chicks.
57. The smell of fresh coffee. It feels like home 
58. Shopping near Christmas time. Such fun!
59. Holiday Starbucks cups, more fun!
60. Skype, it's too cool for school!
61. Christmas music, I started listening about 3 weeks ago but did not want to admit it.
62. Showers, not everyone can shower everyday in warm water. 
63. Email, it's sometimes better then the phone 
64. People who can draw, I can't but it's so cool when someone can!
65. Mom dinners, moms are the best cooks. 

And for those who have asked, I am not planning to get to 1,000 things I am thankful for then stop. I am just transferring some personal life to this blog life. I will keep it up until I get annoyed of it. If it's not a joy then it's fake. I hate fake things and I don't want to be fake here. 

Happy Thanksgiving, may you be warm and filled!



Madison said...

Jocelyn! You're counting gifts too! How cool!
Thanks for sharing the family pic... it's beautiful. Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with thanksgiving and joy. :)

Joy said...

I love how happy everyone looks in the family pic, but especially Mr. Gillson. He looks so content and happy!! Them Gillsons are awesome :)


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