San Antonio TX

Rowan and I are in TX for the next 2 weeks teaching photography. I have really been enjoying San Antonio. The river walk is wonderful. Not to mention the sunshine! It's upwards of 70! Sweet bliss to my soul!

Texas is always an adventure. Everything is large or extra large, I think I could drowned in the water cups...well sweet tea. People wear hats and cow boy boots and {to me} have accents...I love it.

We had a really good time wandering the river walk, eating crazy good food, chatting and enjoying the culture of this fun city.

Here are some pics I took on my new iPhone4. I am seriously impressed with the camera! Pretty good quality isn't it? I think will be a little more happy snappy now! Well, I think I went a little I am sure as time goes on I will not be posting a million shots. But for today I can't help it! 

In the river walk...

Just like everything else the trees are huge...

Dinner...the food here is incredible.

There is freedom in love, have you noticed?

He lights up my life.

Awesome red on the walk by the river. I always take photos of red...seems I can't help it.  

Hello sunshine, come shine on me!

My husband loves signs. I hate them so I take photos and he tells me the coolest stuff. 

It's been so fun, I would recommend this city as a get away! 

Stay awesome -j


Merissa said...

You hate signs Jocelyn? Like, all signs? Or just the ones in pictures? = P

Sir John said...

I'm liking all the blog posts Jocelyn. Keep it up. ;)

John (PDX August '11)

TiemannFamily said...

We will be in San Antonio in a couple weeks visiting family. Too bad we will miss you guys, would have been fun to catch up! Let us know have some if there are any thing we should for sure do while we're there. Blessings :D

derks said...

i hate signs too. :) you guys are too cute. :)


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