New Friends in a new city

I am a lucky girl to get to travel as much as we do. We meet the most interesting people. I just met one I have wanted to meet for a while now. I friend of my husband and a super talented children's photographer. A.Ann of Resolved To Worship.  She came into class to talk about her job as a fashion children's photographer. Lucky for her she has photogenic kids and a great eye. She works for a kids clothing company who ships her clothing which she styles and shoots. I know, rad huh? Do check out her blog, I think you may enjoy it...

The class and I loved hearing her tips and tricks for newborn posing and getting good shots of little make sure you have warm hands when posing a newborn! 

Jocelyn and Alyssa Welch at IPS

We are back home for a few days then headed out agin to MN. I am excited because we are going to hang out with another cool person. Owl City. We are booked to Photograph him in concert next week. I am looking forward to it a lot {and making Rowan listen to his music}. AND being it's in the Twin cities we are able to spend Thanksgiving with Rowan's family! We are very much looking forward to and needing a break. We are been on a road a ton the last few weeks...well more like months. 

I will be happy to share some snaps as our trip unfolds. 



Charity Newman said...

Hello, I used to follow Alyssa on her blog. I loved reading her stuff. I was wondering if you knew why she stopped blogging. Thanks


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