My baby sister

I was 8 years old when my baby sister was born. Many people told me our age gab would be "too large". {The audacity of what some people say to children shocks me. I can still remember many of the scoffings because my mom was going to have her 3rd 8 years after her first.} And no it does not stop. My youngest sibling is 25 years younger then me. Now, being an adult I am able to banter back in a humorous {to me} way telling them to back off and mind their own stinking business.


When my sister was still a baby she fell in love with Italy. I think at the time it was because mom told her the country was shaped like a boot {true to family form, she became obsessed with shoes at a young age}. She kept a map of Italy and was obsessed with it for years.

I was VERy excited to take her there earlier this year.

Here is a snap of her in St Marks Square Venice. She is sipping one VERY expensive coffee {like $30} lovein from IPS ;) 

madey kay

But the inspiration for this post is this photo...I can't believe she is so pretty. I can't believe she is one of my best friends. I can't believe how cool she is. I am bursting with pride as she walks though life, she live well and is just plan rad. I love her so...




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